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Our partnerships empower individuals, strengthen communities, support organizations and sustain livelihoods.

Watertight Solutions Ltd. has over 20 years of corporate experience and a diverse and talented team. We offer valuable insight into the processes, situations, opportunities, and challenges of working at the interface of the social and environmental sciences. Watertight Solutions Ltd. has successfully partnered and collaborated with Indigenous peoples, communities, NGOs, governments and industry.

Sustainable solutions demand an integrated and principled approach.

Watertight Solutions Ltd. is a culturally diverse, multi-disciplinary team of post-graduate trained professionals who embrace integrated resource management. We know that water, land, and people are inter-connected and that a sound approach doesn’t take one into account without the others.

Our approach provides our clients with added value and sustainable solutions.

Since 1997, Watertight Solutions Ltd. has completed approximately 200 consulting assignments of which, 100% were delivered on-budget. Most of our clients work with us on multiple projects.

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